07-17 GMC Front and Rear Emblem Kit Cut-Your-Own_Oracal 751

  • $17.95

Customize Your 07 - 17 GMC Yukon, Sierra, Denali, Terrain or Acadia FRONT AND REAR EMBLEM - DIY 
This is not a pre-cut shape. 


8 year Performance Vinyl. It is rated both Outdoor & Marine. Our vinyl is Water and UV Resistant. It has Air-Egress Technology with No-Mess adhesive for easier application and simpler removal.

Purchase Includes:

(6) 6” x 4” sheets of Oracal 751C Auto Wrap Vinyl

About The Vinyl, Oracal 751C

  • 8 year Performance Vinyl
  • Rated Both Outdoor and Marine 
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Air-Egress Technology - Bubble Free Air Channel
  • No-Mess adhesive for easier application and simpler removal.
  • 2 mil thick

The vinyl can be removed at any time with no damage to the vehicle. It also protects the emblem from harmful UV rays and rock chips. 

Ready to use right out of the package!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tools Needed and NOT Included: 

  1. Bladed Utility Knife or Razor Blade 

  2. Plastic Squeegee or Plastic Card

How to Install:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface (isopropyl alcohol is best).

  2. When dry, peel the paper backing from the vinyl sheet and apply.

  3. Once vinyl is applied, you can use heat to activate the adhesive (a heat gun or hair dryer and softly press the film into place with a rubber squeegee or by hand)

  4. Take a sharp utility blade or razor blade and carefully cut vinyl to shape and peel excess away.

Helpful Tips:

  • Apply in temperature that is 50 degrees or more

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight

  • Allow the vinyl 24-48 hours to adhere (preferably in direct sunlight)