Wet Application Instructions Vinyl Graphic Decals

Wet Application Instructions Vinyl Graphic Decals

WET Application Tips: Decal CAN BE adjusted once it is placed (slightly side to side, not up and down) check on-line for video how to *YouTube* for video instructions

Lightly mist the desired area with application mix, which is (8oz OF WATER MIXED WITH 1-2 DROP OF DISH SOAP LIKE DAWN DISH SOAP).
Use the least amount of fluid to accomplish the application process (1-2 sprays depending on project size). **Spraying cut vinyl letters with fluid can also cause the lettering to loosen up on the transfer tape or cause the lettering to fall off, ONLY SPRAY THE APPLICATION AREA- NOT THE DECAL-
When squeegeeing the graphics, use good pressure to force all of the fluid from under the vinyl film. When using a WET APPLICATION use your FINGERS 1st, then a HARD credit card, if needed. Your fingers have enough pressure to force all the fluid out. Start in the center of the graphic and squeegee outward to force out the fluid from underneath the graphics
If the transfer tape releases with difficulty from the graphics, spray the tape with the fluid mixture allowing about 30 seconds for the fluid to soak in.
In removing the transfer tape, peel the tape 180º against itself.

BOTH WET & DRY APPLICATION - Place Your Decal In Direct Sunlight for 2-3 hours after application – It Adheres The Vinyl Faster!!

It is best to wait at least 24 hours before use (vinyl manufacture suggestion)

Paper Transfer Tape Allows Your decal’s either a WET or DRY application!

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