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Storefront Vinyl Graphic Decals Application Instrustions

Storefront Vinyl Graphic Decal Application Instructions
Shop Vinyl Design Before You Start Clean Your Application
Surface FirstStore Front
Application Instructions APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Line Up the Decal Where You Would Like It Placed.

Then Place Tape Down The Middle (on the whole decal
(both the wax paper backing and the clear transfer tape).
Remove The Clear Transfer Tape Away From The Wax
Paper Backing. The Decal Should Stick To The Clear
Transfer Tape.

Then Cut Away The Exposed Wax Paper Backing - Decal
On One Side Of The Hinge.

Then From The Hinge (middle center working to the end)
Start Pressing The Decal To The Application Surface Area.

Use A straight Edge To Smooth The Decal To The SurfaceComplete The Same Steps For The Other Side Of the Decal

Carefully Remove The Transfrer Tape From The
Applied Decal, Leaving Your New Decal On Your Application