Flames, Tribal and Vehicle Graphic Specifications

What Is a Vinyl Graphic Decal

Vinyl Graphic Decals are cut directly from vinyl without ink or printing. Any vinyl occupying the negative space of your graphic is weeded out, creating a dynamic decal. Vinyl Graphic Decals can be used for decoration, Branding and Advertising. Easy to Apply Transfer Tape, or Application Masking, keeps all the pieces of your graphic in one place. Apply vinyl graphic decals to smooth, flat and clean surface areas. Application Instructions are sent with every order. We recommend measuring your application surface prior to your purchase.

Professional High Quality Outdoor Rated Vinyl (rated up to 6 years)

  • Decal will not Fade, Run or Bleed (no ink printing).
  • Vinyl is Water, Weather and UV Resistant
  • Decals are removable, not reusable once removed,
  • Transfer Tape and Clear Transfer Tape have Air-Egress technology allowing for a professional application

Each order is given individual attention all the way to delivery to ensure your shipment arrives as expected.


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     We ship via USPS First Class Mail. All order $30 or more ship USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail. Every order is shipped with tracking. 

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Do not touch the adhesive backing of the decal, oils from your skin will prevent sticking.

When you first receive your decal: If the graphic(s) release with difficulty from the white/blue wax paper backing, rub the top of the decal with a credit/debit card. This step helps break the bond between the graphic and the wax paper.

If Your Decal(s) Came With A Paper Ring Around Them, Follow These Directions Next: 

  • Remove the paper ring.
  • Let your new decal(s) sit just as they are for a couple hours, they will unroll some.
  • After a couple hours, lay your decal(s) flat, upside down, take a plastic card and go over the back of the decal(s) a few times (not the transfer tape side). This will help release the decal from the wax paper backing.

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean the surface area.
  2. Use tape to hold decal, paper backing, and transfer tape in place down center.
  3. Peel clear transfer tape away from backing to tape you applied.
  4. Decal should stick to transfer tape. Cut away exposed paper backing. From center of decal, use a straight edge to smooth decal to surface.
  5. Remove tape you applied.
  6. Remove transfer tape and decal from paper backing on other side of decal.
  7. Smooth down with straight edge.
  8. Carefully remove transfer tape leaving decal on surface.                                                                                

Helpful Hints:

  • If your decal(s) do not want to release from the wax paper backing, then repeat rubbing over the back of them with a plastic card. Repeat this step until your decal(s) release with ease.
  • Always peel the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle.
  • Do not apply on extreme cold or hot surfaces. Ideal temperature must be between 60°F & 90°F.
  • Don’t apply decal(s) in direct sunlight                                                                       

hinge method application instructions


Legal Disclaimer: 

Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product. All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and are not a guaranteed sizing, unless otherwise stated.